Automatic awning - Basic model

The Basic is an automatic awning ideal for those who have to cover medium or large dimensions and it's available with single or double ply.

Why choose automatic awning Basic?

The automatic awning Basic distinguishes itself for the remarkable strenght given by the stainless steel frame. This automatic awning's structure is normally made by galvanized iron but upon request, to have a lighter automatic awning, it's possible to realize it by stainless steel. For the automatic awning Basic is also possible to realize a built-in structure in the vehicle's roof in order to not have anything on it. This solution is perfect for those that don't want weight on the roof or have height problems in their garage and can't install an automatic awning on their vending vehicle. Another solution for the aforementioned problem is the Agility version which allows to move the whole structure to one vehicle's  side in one only easy manoeuvre.

Advantages of the automatic awning Basic model

This automatic awning Basic is perfect for those who have to cover medium or large spots and is very useful for:

  1. street vendors who want to cover their market places with a very strong automatic awning
  2. the food trucks/catering trailers owners or the event organizers that want to organize as best as they can their space in the open air
  3. those who work in the special vehicle's field or want to realize an automatic coverage for sportteams and other assiociations like Civil Defence, Red Cross, Frire Brigade etc.

This automatic awning Basic model answers to all the needs in terms of size and strenght that a customer may have

Technical details of the Basic automatic awning

The Basic automatic awning has got:

  • emergency manual pump
  • roofrack with rounded edges, where provided
  • remote control
  • available with single or double ply

Available optionals for this automatic awning Basic model:

  1. lateral positioning
  2. automated central poles, single ply only
  3. forward and backward positioning
  4. Agility structure
  5. Built-in roof structure
  6. Foldable front and rear attachements
  7. Led installation

Some realisations

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